This is the largest collection of planetarium projectors in the world

The Planetarium Projector Museum is home to the world's largest collection of old school planetarium projectors. Museum owner Owen Phairis (who, when he's not overseeing his collection, plays Nikola Tesla in an electrical stage show called "Man of Lightning") has been obsessed with the machines ever since he visited the Hayden Planetarium as a child (rather like somebody else we know).


According to the folks at Cool Hunting, who put this video together after visiting the museum in Big Bear Lake, CA, "These fantastic optical relics have been rescued from defunct planetariums and schools, now taking residence under a re-purposed military parachute in Phairis' space."


Color us captivated.

More info at Cool Hunting and the museum's website.

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I had the good fortune of spending most of my childhood and adolescence at The Museum of Science and History (my mother worked there for 8+ years and my brother, sister and I all interned there in middle/high school). I spent every moment I could with the planetarium, watching shows over and over and over, even going to laser-light music shows whenever they were around (Pink Floyd's Money was always one of my favorites). I even was allowed to run a few shows and got to hang out on the other side of the dome a few times. These are times that I will never forget.