The Highball in Austin, Texas, has built the most fantastic karaoke bar perfect for your scream/cry renditions of "Time After Time." It has a Twin Peaks room. A TWIN PEAKS ROOM!

The Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and The Highball are both re-opening this weekend after a vigorous remodel. And holy shit, look at the new karaoke place— it has themed karaoke rooms and a two-headed goat table. Above is the much screamed about Twin Peaks room, and here are a few other publicity shots of the various karaoke rooms (designed by Zack Carlson and Laura Fleischauer of Space Warp Design). Also it's probably worth noting that the remodeled South Lamar Drafthouse (which The Highball is attached to) has a whole Shining moment happening in the entrance.

Here's Midnight Manor:

The Inferno:



Truly Outrageous:

The 5th Dimension: