This Is The Episode That Finally Made Me A Fan

Some shows reel you in slowly, making you invest in the story before you decide that you love it. Sometimes, however, you can pinpoint your love of a show to a single character, a single storyline, or even a single episode.

In response to this piece, on how to convert your friends into fans of the things that you love, a discussion began about finding the right entry and the seasons and episodes that people have found worked best as a starter into a show:


It can be daunting as my sister was asking about "Supernatural" and when I told her they're starting their 10th season, she was "oh, that many? Might be too much to get in on now." However, thanks to Netflix and DVD, easier to binge now then it used to be and get caught up fast. I agree, saying "check this episode out" isn't a smart move when you know little to nothing about the series itself but a good "intro ep" is a good thing to use. Hey, there's an Open Channel discussion: "What episode of a show acts as a great intro piece?"

Zippy Zanderhoff

If ten seasons seems to daunting for Supernatural newcomers, have them start out with the first five seasons since the fifth season finale was originally written as a series finale. I took a long break from the show after season five and came back when I was ready.


I think Doctor Who is probably the easiest fandom to get into because a good starting point for the show is whenever a new incarnation of the Doctor is introduced. It's why I feel that one should start with the Eleventh Doctor in Series Five and continue from there. Or just start with the 12th Doctor.

Straw Hat

Blink's also a good introductory episode. Not only is it one of the best episodes, but it's so good at being self-contained. The main character, Sally, is as clueless as any new viewer. The episode doesn't reference anything that happens before or afterwards that I remember. So for anyone I know that asks about Doctor Who, Blink is always my first recommendation.


How did you become a fan of the things you love? Was there a particular episode or story arc that finally converted you over? Tell us about it — and how it did that in the comments.

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