To celebrate The Legend of Korra getting an official release date, we give you Avatar Wars! It's the creation of David Filoni from Star Wars: Clone Wars who also worked as a storyboard artist and character developer at Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Here are the the details behind the creation of the adorable Avatar Wars, from Dave Filoni's Facebook:

"When I left Avatar the Last Airbender I gave every member of the crew this image of the main cast as Star Wars Characters. Working on Avatar was one of the greatest experiences of my career and I have never printed a copy of it since I gave it to the crew of Season 1. I drew the image on paper and then had it scanned in. The color was done by my then-assistant director Justin Ridge, who later came up and worked with me on Clone Wars."


In other fantastic Airbending news, The Legend of Korra now has an official release date: April 14th 11:00 AM (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. Can't wait!

[Rowsdowr via Tor]