This Is Somehow Our Best Look Yet at the Zords of the Power Rangers Movie

And yet, we still can’t see shit. has revealed a new poster for the movie, one that gives us our first full look at the Zords as they appear in the movie, after seeing just tiny bits of them in earlier teaser posters.


Except... it gives us our first full look at just one of the five Zords, specifically Trini’s Sabertooth Tiger, because the rest are just obscured by fog. We can just almost see bits of Jason’s Tyrannosaurus and Kimberly’s Pterodactyl, and there’s basically nothing of Billy and Zack’s Zords in the distance. Maybe it’s because, judging by the toys we got to see recently, it’s those two that look weirdly the most alien of them all?

While the toys gave us a decent idea of how these mechs would look in the film, it’s nice to see them as they’ll actually appear, even in this fog-blanketed tease. We get to see some nice details too, like the fact you can see the Rangers piloting their Zords through little cockpits, which is a nice touch.

Maybe it won’t be much longer before we get to see what the Megazord will look like in the film, in comparison to its toy counterpart. That will be interesting.


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