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Look at those cheerful faces. Clave envoy Lydia (a prickly taskmaster, haunted by a terrible tragedy in her past) and Alec (a guy who’s pissed at his parents and in major denial about his attraction to Magnus) are newly engaged. “Rise Up” cements their partnership which is also Shadowhunters’ most unlikely alliance.


These crazy kids are probably not gonna make it to the altar. But with Clary’s organize-the-Downworld efforts a success—despite the whole werewolf-vs-vampire conundrum—Lydia and Alec’s strategic relationship just got a lot more crucial.

Will they stick together, considering how recently they met and the fact that their bond is based on one meaningful conversation and their shared obsession with following the rules? Let’s hope so, because these two jerks are the most/only interesting thing about Shadowhunters right now.


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