Peter Bagge has one of the most unpredictable careers in comics, from his 1990s cult comic book Hate to his recent bestselling graphic novel about sex-education pioneer Margaret Sanger. In between, heā€™s drawn dark comedy series like Sweatshop and Apocalypse Nerd, political comics for Reason magazine, and some of Marvelā€™s all-time weirdest takes on the Hulk and Spider-Man.

In a video interview with Comic Book Resources, Bagge recalls his career highlights, starting with being mentored as a young artist and editor by underground cartooning god Robert Crumb. Bagge is now ranked among the indie comics greats himself, although heā€™s worked for both DC and Marvel... with mixed results. On his Objectivist-themed Megalomaniacal Spider-Man, Bagge comments: ā€œOne, it is by far the best-selling comic I had ever made. It outsold every Hate comic I had ever done. And two, it is the all-time worst-selling Spider-Man comic ever.ā€


Baggeā€™s next project is a graphic novel biography of author and civil rights activist Zora Neale Hurston, proving thereā€™s no way to second-guess him. Also, apparently Comic Book Resources has an interview boat.