This is now America's only way of getting into space

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A rusty old cart sits in front of the Soyuz TMA-01M spacecraft at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, just a few days before its launch to the International Space Station. (The Soyuz craft, not the cart.) [Carla Cioffi/NASA via]


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Ironically, just the other day io9 had an article discussing the "failed" Soviet lunar program:


I would counter that the Soyuz is the equivalent to the Apollo Capsule of that program. Although they never made it to the moon, I'd hardly call the program a failure. They are still using the most successful manned launch system ever built to take US and other international astronauts to space.

While they continue to successfully launch Soyuz and Progress (the unmanned cargo Soyuz variant) capsules on a regular basis, the US has no Apollo, no Saturn 5 Rocket, no Space Shuttle, and now we will have no Constellation.

I have to ask myself, who was it that actually won the space race?