This Is How You Test A Tool Before Firing It Off Into Space

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Spending more time in space requires the right tools for the job — and since these tools need to stand up outside the bounds of our own atmosphere, we have to make new tools.And of course, before they go up into space, they need to be tested. Here’s how — and where — they do it.


NASA released this photo of their VF-5 vacuum chamber — the strongest one in the world — that they use to approximate space-conditions here on Earth. The lack of air inside wouldn’t be your only problem with a visit inside though, it’s also the temperature which is kept almost to absolute zero with the help of cryogenic panels at either end.

Before a new piece of space hardware ventures out into the solar system, it first gets a trial run in the VF-5, to see how it fares in this not-quite-space.


Image: NASA.

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Interesting note; I went to NASAs Glenn Research Center once for business. What struck me was what a dump it was —in the offices. The lab I worked in was wonderful. But it was very clear to me that NASA was putting it’s money into the actual labs and not in new office furniture or new coats of paint in hallways.

It seemed apparent to me that NASA was respecting the intent of the money it has been given.