This Is How You Handle A Devious Genie

Should you ever encounter a genie, you'll want to be prepared. Here's a helpful guide to negotiating terms and conditions with a double-dealing lamp-dweller.

Cartoonist, artist, and all-around eclectic dabbler Geoph Essex (aka 'Semper Bufo'), tells io9 that his strip, "Three Wishes," is "at least slightly autobiographical." While he's never annihilated any genies personally, he has been "coming up with carefully codified wishes since I was a kid, just on the off-chance that the opportunity came up." Though, he admits, his wishes "used to be more about getting precisely the cool powers I wanted, and less about omnipotence and genie extermination."


We asked Essex if the strip is potentially the start of a more regular ongoing webcomic, and he says it's possible: "I have a handful of scripts and roughs worked up with the little blue guy that I haven't finished - and yeah, he keeps his omnipotence (and his level head) throughout the ongoing story."

Unfortunately, says Essex, that's where any autobiographical aspects of the story end. "I'm only potent," he notes, "and not always quite as level-headed."

Check out more of Essex's work here and here.


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