This is how you exorcise a "gay demon"

You may remember Bob Larson, the exorcist-for-hire who conscripted his karate-chopping teenage daughters into his for-profit war with Satan. But did you know that Reverend Larson has experience expelling the dreaded "gay demon"?

Obviously, everything about this is sad and weird and depressing, but it does lead one to wonder what the heck the warning signs of gay demonic possession are. Do you think one of these actual grown-ups has cobbled together a gay demonology codex in a Lisa Frank binder or something? ("WARNING SIGN #58: Victim has 'New York City Boy' by the Pet Shop Boys stuck in his head. Induce therapeutic elephant seal mating calls immediately.")


[Via Buzzfeed]

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Oh yes, Bob Larson. Back in the 90's he was pretty big in Christian radio circles. He was sort of a Christian Shock Jock; he had confrontations with Satanists, New Agers, and what have you on his show. He did one of his first exorcisms on the air (over the phone even!)

But then the details of his ministry's questionable financial practices, his obvious exploitation of people's suffering, and his adultery (just ask him about Virtual Sex with Margo) ended up killing his radio empire and now he's stuck working the Elmer Gantry circuit, headlining at the Waukegan Holiday Inn ballroom.

Larson keeps shilling these crap videos in the vain hope it will lead to him getting back on top. Every year around Halloween we'll get a new Larson "reality" series pilot. Thankfully his reputation and the low quality of his work are keeping him off the air.