This is how we welcomed our new robot overlord

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The parade wasn't mandatory. But put it this way: If you weren't there, the general's droids would notice. Horns sounded overhead from the UAVs, and the troops rode biologicals in front of the general's AI steed. We were supposed to be celebrating our liberation from human failure.


Peggy Chung is a concept designer and illustrator in Los Angeles. You can see more of her amazing work on her website.

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Instead, we traded failure for fiefdom, a lifetime of servitude to an implacable, cold quantum powered general.

Its armies all but conquered the last bastion of humanity in less than a fortnight. A collection of amalgamated, organic, might, perhaps the greatest fighting force ever assembled on the planet, was humiliated, beaten, and broken, by the fastest intelligence on the planet.

The singularity had arrived. History turned a new page, and we found ourselves on the turning edge, replaced, relegated to an existence resembling....(anybody, pick it up, see where it leads)