This is how far we've driven on other worlds

Here's a freshly-updated infographic by's Karl Tate, illustrating the distances driven by various rovers on the Moon and Mars.

Tate assembled a similar infographic back in August 2012 (see below), just a few days before NASA's Curiosity rover landed on the suface of the Red Planet. The one-ton, six-wheel drive, nuclear-powered super lab is obviously the biggest addition to this diagram, but we'd be remiss not to call attention to the Agency's intrepid Opportunity rover, which has covered significant ground since August, and continues to explore the Martian terrain in the lead up to its nine-year anniversary on the planet's surface, which — if all goes well today — it will celebrate tomorrow.


Distances Driven on Other Worlds, updated January 23, 2013 | Source:

Distances Driven on Other Worlds, updated August 1, 2012

Rove on, you magnificent little bastard. Rove on. (You too, Curiosity. You... significantly bigger bastard, you.) More at


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