This is hands down the most badass radiator we've ever seen

We know what you're thinking: it's a radiator, how awesome could it be? To which we reply: are you kidding? Did you even look at it? Sure it's a radiator, but it's also a tyrannosaur. It's a Thermosaurus radiator.

Imagined by designer Anton Schnaider, T. radiator is reportedly made of cast iron, and installs just like any other central-heating radiator — which means you can use them to terrorize every room in your home.


King of the heat exchangers, indeed.

Update: April Fools' day gag? Perhaps. But that shouldn't make you want it any less.
Update 2: Not a joke after all? Laughing Squid has posted what look like pictures of the design process, including the cool geometric concept sketches featured below.

[Art Lebedev Studio]
Hat tip to Ms. Loui!

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