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This is easily the cutest tree frog we've ever seen

Illustration for article titled This is easily the cutest tree frog weve ever seen

Check out this gorgeous photograph of a Red Eye Tree Frog taken by Trevor Owen. The photo earned him a top 50 spot in consideration of Sony's upcoming World Photography Awards for 2013 — a contest that will see the overall winner announced on March 19. Owen's photo beat over 54,000 images to make it into the final judging stage.


Other shortlisted photos can be seen here.

Via ePHOTOzine.

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Chosen Undead

It's a lovely photo, but it can't be the cutest tree frog I've ever seen, because I've seen a White's Tree Frog.

I mean, look at it. Something that really has no choice but to look so contentedly fat and happy at all times also has no choice but to be unbelievably cute, in a froggy sort of way at any rate.

ed— the link is good and the photo loaded in preview before I made the post, but it absolutely refuses to appear on my post for some reason. Bah.

ed mk. 2— there he is! D'aawwww.