This Is A Praying Mantis Wearing 3D Glasses. Discuss.

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Scientists at Newcastle University are outfitting praying mantises with the world's smallest 3D glasses, to understand better how these notoriously dextrous predators perceive depth.

According to the description for this video:

Analysing how mantises see in three dimensions could give us clues about how 3D vision evolved and lead to novel approaches in implementing 3D recognition and depth perception in computer vision and robotics.

A key component of the research entails presenting virtual 3D stimuli, such as moving targets within the visual field of the mantis. As a first approach, the researchers are attaching a pair of 3D glasses — the world's tiniest - with beeswax to the mantis, and placing it in front of computer-generated images, presented on computer monitors.


[Newcastle University via BoingBoing]

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