This Is a Movie You Have to Watch Twice to Catch the Important Stuff

Some movies are gloriously obvious and perfect for one viewing. But other movies must be watched a second time to be appreciated, because you pick up on all the little snatches of dialogue and narrative hints that make the story feel complete. What's your favorite watch-it-twice scifi movie?

Tell us what movie you'd pick as something that absolutely REQUIRES more than one viewing to be appreciated fully. Include a picture or clip. And explain why we have to watch it more than once. Here's how to do it, with my pick as an example:


Movie: Primer

Why you have to watch more than once: This is one of those rare time travel movies that actually makes sense, and you just can't take in all the subtleties of the timey-wimey until you've seen it through the end and gotten the complete picture. Then you re-watch, knowing what you know, and can see how carefully the writer/director laid out the whole plot. Seriously, just look at that crazy timeline chart.

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