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This is a man breathing fire in slow motion

Nothing is more awesome than fire in slow motion, captured with a really fantastic camera. But it's even better when fire is combined with imagery that seems ripped from a tale of megapolisomancy, where strange magic lurks in the urban storm drains beneath our feet. Take a few seconds out of your day to enjoy the physics of fire, and possibly the fantasy of something beyond science.


Filmmaker Danny Cooke writes:

I performed this test as an experiment with the overcranking mode on the Sony FS700 camera (240fps/480fps) in order to directly compare the results to 'Incendium' where the slow motion was interpolated using Twixtor and shot on Canon 7D (60fps).


Nicely done, fire-breather Elliott Montello. See more of Cooke's work on his website.

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That could be the title of every Brian Eno song from the 1970s.