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Zombies have come to mean so much more than they once did, even just a few decades ago. These shambling monsters have become metaphors for everything from the wrathful masses of Occupy, to awkward teens in high school trying to deal with love. They are the perfect symbol for people who have been treated like subhumans — or outcasts who have defined themselves in opposition to humanity.


The zombie's plural identity is what artist George Pfau has tried to capture in his latest piece of interactive art, Zombie Index. When you go to the site, you'll see an intricate painting of thousands of figures, each standing in for a different kind of zombie. There are orgy zombies and flesh-eating zombies, alongside plague zombies and crap I can't even identify. If you click the "names" button at the bottom of the page, you'll find a big, clickable map that will take you out to hundreds of stories, essays, and artworks about the different faces and identities of the modern zombie.

If you think the zombie trope is exhausted, Pfau's art will reawaken your fascination with this monstrous figure who has become so central to the way we imagine ourselves in the early twenty-first century.


Check out the Zombie Index!

(Thanks for the tip, Jesse Ma!)

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