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This Interactive Music Game Will Take Over Your Day

Illustration for article titled This Interactive Music Game Will Take Over Your Day

This musical interactive transforms your keyboard into an instrument, complete with accompanying animations.


The game, which goes by the delightfully onomatopoeic name Patatap, is the work of Jono Brandel, of Google's Data Arts Team, and composers Lullatone. But it's not just a cool game, it's also, Brandel explains in a post, designed to mimic the experience of synesthesia: "Hearing smells or seeing sounds are examples of possible synesthesia. In the case of Patatap, sounds trigger colorful visual animations."

Go ahead and click on the interactive, then start tapping out some music.


Image and interactive via Jono Brandel

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Wait, where is the game? All I get is a music/visual keyboard.