This insane homemade Predator mask is perfect for dinner parties

Looking for the perfect headgear to spruce up your social life? This custom-made Predator helmet — which boasts a functioning tri-laser and 45-centimeter horns — by Yautja aficionado Mike Loh is the ultimate in peacocking. A mere $1050 will get you this formidable chapeau and a fan fiction backstory to impress new acquaintances:

The Bone-Hunter Primal Elder is the Great Ancestor of Bone-Hunter from the ancient cave men days where there were no advanced technology. This primal elder is one of the greatest hunters in Yautja history and he shows this off by incorporating the horns, vertebrates and Carnojaw that belonged to its prey. Although there were no Tri-lasers back in the old days, Bone-Hunter the great grandson has kept this as part of his heritage in his armory and added the Tri-lasers himself.


You can find this and other Predator helmets — such as a set of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-themed masks — at Loh's Etsy store. [Via Neatorama]

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