This Insane Anime Is A Japanese Take On An American Take On Ninjas

Supposedly, the new anime series Ninja Slayer is based on the novels of American writers Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez. Instead, the books were actually written by Japanese "translators" Honda Yu and Sugi Leika. Either way, this first trailer is delightfully insane.

Basically, as far as I can tell, a bunch of evil ninjas managed to save their souls until they could be resurrected by the internet, at which point they became the ninja mafia and now a random dude is determined to hunt down and kill a bunch of evil cyber ninjas. Given that most normal Americas, when they think about ninjas at all, probably think of evil kung fu wizard dressed in black, that tracks. But to be fair, is that really any more ludicrous than Naruto? Unless the ninjas of Ninja Slayer are also sticking giant, nine-tailed fox demons into the belly buttons of babies, I'd say Ninja Slayer is probably the more realistic of the two.

That said, we should all probably watch it when it debuts, because apparently the anime makers are going to murder us if we don't.


[Via Crunchy Roll]

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As an American I don't see what the issue is. This looks completely and totally historically accurate in terms of ninjas. *cough*