This Incredibly Complex CG Timelapse Reveals How You'd Build a Death Star in Real Life

GIF: YouTube

The idea that the Empire, or the First Order, can keep churning out Death Star after Death Star gets a little harder to swallow when you watch this CG timelapse by Benjamin and Isaac Botkin, which shows just how incredibly complex it is to build a moon, or planet-sized space station.


The short film is just two minutes long (with an original Star Wars-esque score composed by Benjamin), but I would happily sit in a theater for two hours watching how every last section of the Death Star was assembled. If anything, it would prove once and for all that there are bathrooms on board—somewhere.

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It can’t be that incredibly complex. After all, its most notable feature (the planet-killing laser) wasn’t even functional until decades after they began constructing it. If they can just add that in at any ol’ point, how intricate can it be?

Man, Rogue One was a dumb movie.