This Image Basically Sums Up All of Shadowhunters

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Amid the many vapid delights of “Dead Man’s Party”—casual grave-robbing; a motorcycle modified to run on “demon energy;” a seduction scene that tries to make a guy with a mullet seem dreamy—this last-act tableaux might have been the episode’s finest moment.

Spoilers even though this show ain’t much for subtlety...

We have Jace and Alec arguing for the zillionth time over who they should trust, what course of action makes the most sense, Jace’s real intentions vis-à-vis Clary, etc. (Alec actually invokes the “I’m older than you, bro” line of reasoning while making his case). Then, there’s Clary and Simon; despite his propensity for swooning over every girl that gives him a sideways glance, his heart beats only for Clary. Here, she’s displaying her greatest talent, all that Shadowhunting be damned, by saying something like “I can’t live without you!” while simultaneously making it very clear Simon is now, and forever will be, strictly in the friend zone.


And finally, there’s Isabelle—the only member of this crew who isn’t distracted by stupid bullshit—taking care of some real business: reapplying her lip gloss.

Top image: ABC Family/John Medland

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I really, really want to like this show. I’ve read The Mortal Instruments series and while they aren’t exactly ‘original’ ... they aren’t bad.

But this series is (bad).

I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the acting or some combination of both, but it is painful to watch most scenes. Physically I think all of the actors are strong choices... but how they present their characters are just bizarre.

Isabelle is like... the most extreme interpretation of her character possible. The character was written as extremely attractive, extremely comfortable with her body, and highly flirtatious... somehow the writers translated that as: “Let’s put Isabelle in a costume that would make a stripper blush, in every scene”.