This Human Comic Book Has the World Record for Most Marvel Character Tattoos

Now that’s commitment.
Image: YouTube

Rick Scolamiero loves comic books, as do many. But instead of just filling his shelves with graphic novels, he decided to cover his body in them. Now, after over 350 hours of being a living canvas for tattoo artists, he holds the official Guinness World Record for most Marvel characters inked on a single body.


It all started with Spider-Man back in 2011, and then every month or so he would get a new addition. He initially wanted to limit the characters to tattoo sleeves, but once his arms were completed, his love for everything Marvel eventually led to him covering his entire body in the beautiful, full-color designs. He was even able to show off all of his tattoos to Stan Lee himself, who signed Scolamiero’s wrist. That autograph was soon immortalized as—you guessed it—yet another Marvel tattoo on his body.

Got a nerdy tattoo of your own? Please feel free to share a pic in the comments below.

[YouTube via Guinness World Records via Geeks are Sexy]



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