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This Horror Movie Takes Place Entirely Online And It's Deeply Disturbing

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Unfriended is a uncomfortable horror take on the Internet and the colossal damage it can do when terrible things go viral. It's kind of chilling in its accuracy, until it goes completely bonkers.


The story very current: Someone posts a video of a student in their high school, it goes viral and the internet slut shaming begins. Eventually, the victim in this video takes her own life (a scene which is gruesomely also online). On the anniversary of her death, an unknown Internet account contacts all those who could have put the video that started it all online and demands to know "who posted the video online" or somebody dies. Then, one by one, the gang is picked off, but not before the unknown commenter wreaks havoc on their lives. Looks like there's a scene where one person's cheating past is revealed, etc. etc. It becomes clearer that this attacker got into the dead victim's account (or maybe is a ghost) and is looking for revenge.

Honestly, the real creep-out factor here is just the reality that this movie is set in. We live in a world where the viral pile-on can destroy people's lives. We have insane access to recording devices and exposing someone to the ridicule of the world is just a "publish" click away. That's scary. And up until people start putting their hands into blenders (that admittedly looks pretty dumb), this thing is hitting at the dark terror of the Internet and the callous actions of those around you.


Unfriended was conceived by filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted), penned by Nelson Greaves, and directed by Levan Gabriadze. The horror movie will hit theaters on April 17th.

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Given recent events, if this girl killed herself because of online bullying what motivation do I have to root for the "heroes" of the film as they're picked off one-by-one?