Evil Dead birdfeeder. All Images: Reddit

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy is one of those series that has almost too much merchandise, in the form of toys, props, t-shirts—you name it, and it’s probably been licensed. One thing we’ve never seen, though, is maybe the best of the bunch: this custom bird feeder that looks exactly like the haunted cabin from the films.

The feeder was made by Reddit user murdrfaze who, after the positive response to the work, put up a few on Etsy. However, it seems like they’ve now sold out. Bummer... but you can still admire his work in these photos.


Also, I just realized that any bird that lands on one of these will actually get the same view that Raimi’s camera has as it quickly floats up toward the cabin in the movies. Bird’s eye view, indeed.

[Bloody Disgusting]

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