This Heart-Shaped Locket Is Anatomically Correct Even On The Inside

This pendant isn't just shaped like the human heart on the outside; when you open it up, the ventricals and blood vessels line up on the inside. The chain even runs through the superior vena cava and the left pulmonary vein.

This clever piece of craftsmanship was created by Peggy Skemp, whose nature-inspired jewelry designs include rings in the shapes of tentacles and fungi. The vascular threading of the chain means that her heart-shaped locket hangs anterioinferiorly, just as the heart does in the human body. Unlike other lockets, though, this serves as a memento not for keepsakes, but for the wonder of our own bodies.

The locket is available in silver and gold and can be studded with not-so-anatomically correct diamonds.


Original Silver Anatomical Heart Locket [Peggy Skemp via Old Hollywood via BuzzFeed Geeky]


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