This He-Man Action Figure Is Ready for Christmas

Ho ho ho, by the power of Grayskull!
Ho ho ho, by the power of Grayskull!
Image: Mattel, Inc.
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Seasonal action figures are a really fun idea. And who’s more suited for Christmas than the Master of the Universe himself, He-Man? After all, he’s taken his turn as Santa before, in a wonderfully bizarre Christmas special. Why not take that power to plastic?

That’s exactly what Super7 is doing for Cyber Monday, where they will unveil the Holiday He-Man figure. This 7" Club figure, inspired by the 1985 He-Man Christmas Episode, features the hero with a santa hat and a fabulous candy cane sword.


Look at this adorable Christmas hero. He will bring candy and presents to all of his realm, and Skeletor will not steal Christmas this year. Also, he comes in a really charming faux-gift-wrap box.

The figure goes on sale tomorrow, if you’re interested, sometime between 12pm and 12:15pm PST (that’s 3-3:15 EST), on the Super7 website. And for more modern Masters of the Universe joy, watch She-Ra, it’s great.

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Why is he brandishing a candy cane?