This Guy's Terrifyingly Detailed Venom Sculpture Should Bump Michelangelo's David Off Its Museum Pedestal

I’m not questioning the artistic merit of Michelangelo’s David—the sculpture is unquestionably a masterpiece. It just doesn’t speak to me the same way a detailed sculpt of Marvel’s Venom does. And besides, by now it’s clear that soon every movie, TV show, and artistic endeavor is going to be tied to a Marvel comic book property, so let’s put Venom in Italy’s famed Galleria dell’Accademia instead.


It still blows my mind that Nicholas J. Brown—aka YouTube’s LoreCraft—only took up sculpting about a year ago. His creations and his process make it seem like he’s been masterfully working with clay ever since he was a toddler. But given that in addition to sculpting he’s also working on his fourth degree, it’s clear Brown is just a very fast study.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]


Tell ya what, when he carves one from marble I’ll compare it to Michelangelo’s David.