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Look, there’s spooking people out with your Halloween costume, and then there’s traumatising them for the foreseeable future. This Yondu mask will do the latter. uncovered this Yondu mask being sold by Xcoser—yours for just $55!—and oh, god, where do you start.


The dead eyes are perhaps a necessity for a latex mask, but I’m not sure I can tell what makes my skin crawl more—the fake facial hair that’s several shades to dark to how Yondu’s hair actually appears in the movie, or the teeth.

No wait, I can tell. It’s definitely the teeth. Why depict the smile at all, why!?


Please, do not use this to haunt people this Halloween. If you must do a Yondu outfit and still haven’t got it sorted yet, I recommend taking some tips from our excellent commenters participating in the io9 Halloween Costume Show this year and cook something up yourself. Anything but this!

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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