This Gremlins Fan Film Is Guaranteed to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

Image: Courtesy Ryan Patrick
Image: Courtesy Ryan Patrick

That is, if your version of “holiday spirit” includes watching all the Christmas movies with horror themes. (It does in our house!)

Unofficial but made with the sincerest of affection, Ryan Patrick’s fan film Gremlins Recall picks up 30 years after the events of the 1984 film, and imagines that Mogwai have been domesticated enough to be sold as exotic pets. The catch is that they have to be kept medicated so that they don’t turn into the creepy critters we all remember from Joe Dante’s cult classic.

Gremlins Recall was shot in just three days, using adorable and terrifying puppets designed by Eric Fox, a onetime competitor on Syfy’s Face Off. It goes without saying that Gremlins Recall just kinda gives the legendarily bizarro events of the officially-sanctioned Gremlins 2 a pass. Said Patrick in a press release:

“Making a Gremlins film is an idea that’s been on my mind for over a year. It’s one of those films you want to see a good sequel to—but Hollywood just hasn’t done it yet. Everyone on this crew is a Gremlins super fan. We just wanted to take people back to that world, and show some cool Gremlin kills along the way.”


Gotta tell you, I think they succeeded. Check it out here.

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch is absolutely one of the best sequels ever, in part because of how audaciously different it is from the original. I’m guessing it was too different for Ryan Patrick.

Sorry, Ryan, but there was indeed a great Gremlins sequel way back in 1990. I sincerely doubt anyone will ever make a better one, officially or otherwise.