This Great Doctor Strange Figure Is on Fire (Not Literally)

Usually, importing one of Figuarts well-sculpted, well-articulated action figures can be a costly endeavour—but the company’s upcoming Doctor Strange is actually making an official journey to western shelves... and he’s bringing a lot of giant plastic bits of fire with him.

To celebrate the fact that their 6-inch Figuarts Doctor Strange is getting an official Western release through Bluefin, Bandai has revealed the “exclusive” accessory that the Sorcerer Supreme will be accompanied by when he hits American shelves: Fire. Lots and lots and lots of fire.


I don’t remember Doctor Strange actually casting any fire spells in the movie—although a few of his spells are at least partially fire-adjacent—but it’s hard to deny that it doesn’t look absurdly cool. The seven pieces of swirling plastic flame will be exclusive to the U.S. release of the figure, which like its Japanese counterpart will also come with a series of magical sigils inspired by the designs seen in the movie, complete with alternate hands to show Strange holding and casting them into existence:

Shaky “my hands got real screwed up in a car accident” action feature not included.


The western “Burning Flame” edition of Doctor Strange will hit shelves in June, where he’ll set you back $85. Hey, no one said all those fancy plastic pyrotechnics come cheap.

[Tamashii Nations via Toyark]


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