This Gravity feature explains why you'll want to see this movie in 3D

Look, we're all over 3D movies. The headache-causing flicks can be the worst. But Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is different. We promise. But let Sandra Bullock and Cuaron explain to you (with new Gravity footage) just why you should pony up to see this on the big, 3D screen.

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Ignatius Reilly

I'm looking forward to this but I don't want to click that video because I'm trying to avoid info on the film before seeing it, so forgive me if it addresses my bitchy comment which follows:

I know it needs to make a lot of money and that 3D is how they think that can happen. It gets people out of their homes, makes piracy more difficult and has us pay more for movie tickets...but please don't try to keep reselling me on the idea that THIS is the movie that I need to see in 3D. The Hobbit wasn't THE movie I needed to see in 3D nor any other that comes to mind. There isn't going to be one. Hollywood, please stop trying to convince me otherwise. I will leave my home and pay for a movie when a director, cast and concept I trust is worth getting off my couch for.