This Gorgeous Soul Art Tribute Was Made in Virtual Reality

From artist The Sabby Life.
From artist The Sabby Life.
Screenshot: YouTube/Disney

This tribute to Disney and Pixar’s Soul is impressive, and even moreso when you find out how it was made.


Virtual reality is a cool medium for a lot of things. One of those is art—programs like Tilt Brush let artists like That Sabby Life create three-dimensional art pieces entirely in VR. It’s not an easy way to create—what an overwhelming canvas!—but when the results work out, it’s quite something. This piece from The Sabby Life, as shared by Disney’s YouTube channel, captures the wonder of music and the joy of New York City as communicated in Pixar’s latest. It’s extremely good.

This piece, which I do believe was created in Tilt Brush, shows both the process of making the art and the art itself. It really comes out to be something lovely, sketchy and vivid and using its three-dimensional space very well. I’d love to actually check it out in VR.

For more art from The Sabby Life, check out their YouTube channel. Soul is streaming on Disney Plus.

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people can create some amazing things in things like tilt brush or gravity sketch (which i believe is going free at the end of the month) sadly im not one of them though