This Gorgeous Fan Film Makes Us Want a Whole Indiana Jones Animated Series

If you can watch this and not desperately wish that there was an Indiana Jones cartoon to accompany it, then you are a stronger person than I.

In his free time over the past five years, artist Patrick Schoenmaker has been putting together this wonderful trailer for an animated Indiana Jones adventure, and now the final thing is here and we desperately, desperately want there to be more..

It’s got the Indy vibe down to a pat (even without the stirring John Williams music), but the best part is the awesomely slick transitions between different scenarios as Indy whips, dodges, and rolls his way through various perils. It really sells the “globetrotting adventurer” vibe in a brilliant way.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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I would love a new short of this attached to every new Star Wars film. You know, serial style. I think that would be amazing. Indiana Jones in a live action setting has a finite existence...or at least should IMO...unlike Star Wars. But it could live on wonderfully in an animated serialized form. Please Disney! Get Harrison’s voice on file and you’re good to go.