We all know that Middle-Earth is a sausage fest. But what would happen if you flipped all the genders? Could Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings still work as well if you replaced Sean Bean, John Noble and Sean Astin with women? This dream cast proves it would. It's... a diversion.

Over at Livejournal, Annis created this gender-swapped cast for Jackson's LotR, and the results are amazing. Even though Annis claims to be "bad at actors" and not a movie buff, the choices are pretty perfect. Annis explains:

When I created this picspam, I had a couple of requirements when choosing an actor. First off: they should be of an approximately fitting age. No 20-year-old Aragorn or 40-year-old Gandalf. Second off: they should have some tie to the movie version of the character, as that's what I'm casting after.

Check out the whole thing over at LJ, but here are some of our favorites: