This is a gallery of real furniture, though you may find that hard to believe. It's incredibly impractical unless, of course, you are an alien.


1. Adelta Ball Chair, designed by Eero Aarnio in 1966

Do you remember Yoda's chair in the Jedi Council, or the Energy Pod from the Woody Allen movie Sleeper? It comes from the same design planet.

It's customizable with speakers for the high-tech experience.

via William Ward/Flickr, Jyri Engestrom/Flickr and (the picture on the top)


2. N@t netbook-lounge armchair, by Martin Ballendat, 2009

via Office Design Blog


3. White elephant armchair with gold and diamonds, by Wild Design

The evil, elephant-headed aliens are loving these armchairs so much.

via Born Rich


4. Future Alien Sofa, by C12ASH on Deviantart

It reminds me of a toilet with LED lights, but okay, it might be a sofa, too.

via Deviantart


5. The Lomme Egg Bed, by Agnieszka Bernacka, 2008

This futuristic bed is iPod-compatible, and it has a light and "sound therapy" system. It was sold for $53500.

via dezeen and Camila Braier


6. Sleep Standing Up Bed and Relaxing Room by Ernesto Neto, 2010

My extraterrestrial friend, no matter how much you weigh, and how big your limbs are, this bed can adapt to your body shape.

via Vectroave


7. Infinity Light Mirror Tables by Light Energy Studio and Infinity Art Furnishings

Now with built-in Time Vortex for the last Time Lord, the Doctor!

via Light Energy Studio and Infinity Art Furnishings


8. Osteon Chair, by Assa Ashuach

via Assa Ashuach


9. Surf Chair, Leif S√łrensen and Kenneth Lylover, Denmark, 2000

It was the winner of best product in Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 2000. It's also the best solution if you want a comfortable chair in your spaceship's control room.

via Coroflot


10. Awesome combination of a speaker and a table for the KUBE Hotel Saint-Tropez, designed by La Cox

via swifelife


11. Loopita by Victor Aleman, 2006

via Victor Aleman


12. iClubby Workstation by the Gravitonus

With up to 6 screens, an external skeleton, a high-tech seat, a built-in LED lighting system and a crystal-clear sound (max. 7+1 speakers)

via Gravitonus


Bonus: The Alien Abduction Lamp, designed by Lasse Klein