This freaky statue of a furry, hoof-handed woman will clip-clop into your nightmares

There's art that challenging and art that's a little scary, and then there's art that you wouldn't want showing up in your back yard at night. This bizarre statue sitting off a road in Fredericton, New Brunswick, definitely falls into the latter category. She looks like she might just follow someone home.

Redditor Bender420 read about this furry sculpture, which was apparently made by a group of local artists, and went out to snap a few photos. It's made out of various parts of animals and Halloween props, and looks vaguely like a decoy to snare Bigfoot. I can only imagine the nightmares this has inspired in New Brunswickan children, not to mention how many people have imagined seeing her outside their windows.


You can see more of the photos (including her toothy face) via reddit.

Creepy woman statue in my town, made of various animal parts and halloween props. WTF? [reddit]


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