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We've seen lots of invasions of flying saucers — but what about flying teacups? That's what menaces the Earth in Quest for the Power Sphere, an indie space-opera comedy by Argentine director Tetsuo Lumière. I can totally imagine Troy and Abed watching this movie obsessively.

Why are those guys running around with a fully inflated blow-up doll while the teacups are exploding everything? It's a mystery! Also, check out the best fight scene between giant mechas and monsters since Pacific Rim.


The movie's tagline: "They came to destroy our world. But we will destroy it first."

And here's the synopsis: "Princesses and princes, heroes and villains, aliens and humans, are set in a fragile metropolis, always about to succumb to the advance of dark forces."

Oh, and this is a silent movie, that pays homage to 1910s and 1920s movies, especially German expressionism and Russian silent films.


Here's the film's Star Wars-style opening crawl. Can you make sense of it?

Towards the end of the above clip, there's also a dogfight (cupfight?) between three teacups.


What do you think? Will this end up being a cult classic, or just a straight-up classic?