This Floating McDonalds Has Sat Empty For 28 Years

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The McBarge was a floating McDonald's restaurant constructed for Expo '86 in Vancouver, but after the expositions ended, it never saw another bag of french fries. Today, the McBarge sits empty in British Columbia's Burrard Inlet, although its owner hopes to someday turn it back into a working restaurant.


Top photo by Taz (CC BY 2.0).

When Expo '86 ended, the McBarge wasn't able to find a new home as a restaurant, so it was eventually towed to Burrard Inlet, where it has sat since 1991. You can take a peek inside the McBarge thanks to this urban exploration video by Vancity Ghost Hunt:

In 1999, it found a new owner, developer Howard Meakin. Meakin has been trying to revive the McBarge as a restaurant (not a McDonald's, however). As of last year, Meakin was looking for approval to moor it in the Fraser River in Mission, BC. The video below (via Vancouver is Awesome) outlines the proposal:

For now, though, the only food being eaten on this barge is what curious urban explorers bring with them.


[via r/pics]

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A barge? Was the former owner choked to death by a slave girl?