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This Flash And Arrow Promo Is So Ridiculous It's Kind Of Awesome

This was in Morning Spoilers , but it's so great I had to make sure everybody had a chance to see it. It's a three-minute promo where Arrow, the Flash, and other DC/CW-verse heroes and villains have a "superhero fight club" — and when I call it "great," I mean it's "dumb but also somehow hilarious."

Yes, it's yet another Fight Club homage in 2015, but and there are some truly bad jokes in there. But seeing Stephen Amell's Arrow get goofy is always delightful, and hearing Victor Garber's Firestorm mentor Dr. Stein go "Ooh!" as if he's watching a a boxing match on pay-per-view is somehow completely charming. Make sure to stay until the end!


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I love how the show runners and the cast definitely know what the fans want and are not afraid to give it to them. Hell, we got the boxing glove arrow shot! We got Mark Hamill back as the Trickster! We're getting two crossovers in a single season!