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This First Jupiter Ascending Clip Is Bizarre

Here it is, the first-ever clip from the Wachowskis' latest scifi thriller Jupiter Ascending. Just be warned, it's completely out of context and almost entirely about scifi gadgetry. Which is both fantastic and a little worrisome.


You can't judge a movie by a 36-second clip. But we really really really need this Wachowski movie to be good. No, better than good, brilliant. We need us some new high-level action, wacky scifi mythos to swim around in this summer, and we're really hoping Jupiter Ascending can deliver. Fingers crossed for this one.

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

To me, this just reinforces how extremely passive she always seems to be in the trailers.

"You're the Chosen One! And you're a woman! How empowering! Here, let the white dude do everything anyway!"