This Final Fantasy-Style, Redesigned Action Figure Of Batman Is Madness

Tetsuya Nomura, best known as the director and character designer of videogames like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, and decided to take a crack at redesigning the World's Greatest Detective. Then Square Enix USA decided to make an action figure of the results. The result? Shut up and take my goddamn money.


It's like Batman Beyond had sex with Deathscythe from Gundam Wing and then the Christian Bale Batman had sex with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, and each couple had a kid who were raised and grew up together as best friends and one day as adults suddenly realized they were perfect for each other and had always been in love, and then they got married and consummated their union with champagne on a bed of roses and nine months later had a baby that looked like this. You know, off the top of my head.

It's part of Batman's 75th anniversary celebration and part of a new line of Square Enix USA action figures of characters reinterpreted by Nomura, which will undoubtedly bankrupt me. No word on when this thing will come out or how much it'll cost, but I'm guessing 2015 and "a shit-ton," respectively.

[Via Crunchy Roll]

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