This Featurette Takes A Close Look at Black Panther's Stunning Score

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The music for Black Panther is something else. A synthesis of big-budget film orchestration and African-inspired instrumentation, it’s as compelling a creation as the film itself. In this featurette, its composer shows the process that gave it birth.


Ludwig Göransson, who has collaborated with Ryan Coogler on all his major films, knew that the only way to write the music for Black Panther was to get help from the source of its images and ideas: Africa. This featurette, courtesy of Genius and Marvel Studios, has Ludwig guide the viewers through his collaboration with Sengalese musician Baaba Maal, his exploration of traditional African sounds, and how all of those influences came together in the track “Wakanda.”

It’s a great watch, and if you haven’t seen Black Panther, it’s just going to get you even more excited for it. Check it out below.

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Nice to hear all this interesting information about the score that we are not getting on CD . . .

(No issues at all with the Kendrick Lamar album of songs; I just hate it when that kind of compilation album is all that we get. I think that a soundtrack for the actual score would actually do pretty well for this movie. And yes, there are still people in the world who buy CDs.)