This Featurette is All About Isle of Dogs's Remarkably Expressive Canines

What good dogs.
What good dogs.
Photo: Fox Searchlight/Indian Paintbrush Pictures

Wes Anderson’s latest is, for whatever else it might be, a masterwork of stop-motion craftiness. The eponymous dogs, in particular, are remarkable, expressive bits of stop-motion craftsmanship. In a new featurette, the animators behind the film explain how they did it.


Like most stop-motion animation, the answer was: a lot of work. They also go into detail about how they organized their various teams, playing to different animators’ various strengths, and the interesting ways in which they managed to create lip syncing that looked natural on both humans and dogs.

Check it out below. Isle of Dogs sees wide release on March 23rd.

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It’s amazing to me that people would still bother with the stop-motion medium when CGI could simulate it nearly identically and you wouldn’t even notice.