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This Featurette Dives Into the Design of Star Trek: Discovery’s Section 31

Michelle Yeoh in her Section 31 outfit.
Michelle Yeoh in her Section 31 outfit.
Image: CBS

Section 31. The Starfleet mystery that’s a bit less mysterious than it used to be. Star Trek: Discovery has been heavily invested in exploring the organization and their vibe. In a new behind-the-scenes video, the show’s creators offer insight into how they designed the look and feel of the clandestine group.


Turns out, it all started with the dark, sleek badge used to identify its members. From there, came the leather, the black, the moody kinky vibe of the Section 31 outfits.

“It’s like walking around in dominatrix gear all the time and having so much fun with it,” Michelle Yeoh says.

From there, the video goes on to discuss the beautiful, sharply angular Section 31 set and their advanced prop design. It’s a neat look at how Discovery has worked to give this mysterious group a visual and stylistic identity, one that will undoubtedly factor heavily in the upcoming Michelle Yeoh-led Section 31 series.


There’s a lot of space to debate whether Section 31 having a heavy focus is a good fit for Star Trek; we certainly have. But it’s hard to doubt that Discovery has done a lot of work to make them look and feel intriguing and mysterious. Even if they’re also pretty threatening.

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and of course we non-americans aren’t allowed to watch it. this is so fuckin’ dumb.