This Spider-Man: Far From Home Deleted Scene Offers a Moment of Sweet Reprieve for Peter Parker

Look at these cuties.
Look at these cuties.
Image: Sony Pictures

Gotta love the quiet moments. Especially if you just defeated a supervillain on what was supposed to be your vacation.


In this deleted scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home, which recently made its way onto Sony’s YouTube channel, perhaps by way of celebration for the whole Spidey deal, Peter gets the quiet moment he deserves after his Eurotrip comes to an end. There are hugs, and a lovely reunion, and a new entry in Spider-Man’s ongoing love affair with bagels.

It’s a really lovely sequence, though one can see why it got cut: nothing happens. Movies need moments of respite, though, of quiet feeling, and while this one clearly didn’t fit into Far From Home as it ended up, I still like it quite a bit.


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