This Fan Video Might Be More Epic Than Steven Universe's Actual Finale

A battle between Alexandrite and Green Diamond.
Image: Koda, Deepcut

Just before the beginning of ever new batch of Steven Universe episodes drops, Cartoon Network posts bingo cards filled with hints about all of the major things that might happen during the arc. From the looks of it, “Heart of the Crystal Gems” is going to be epic.


On Thursday, Cartoon Network posted the latest bingo card ahead of today’s premiere of the new arc. The position of the “Diamond Fusion” space suggests that there’s a very good chance that Yellow and Blue Diamond might get their fuse on when they arrive at Beach City, especially considering that Alexandrite—the fusion of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl—is already confirmed to make her return.

The Crystal Gems seldom fuse to form Alexandrite unless they’re fighting something truly huge and powerful... you know, something like a Diamond. Together, artist Kodat and animator Deepcut collaborated to create a short animation of what a knockdown, drag-out fight between the Gems and Green Diamond (the fusion of Yellow and Blue Diamonds, of course) might look like and honestly, it might be a bit more epic than the way Steven Universe actually ends.

Everything about the clues that Cartoon Network is dropping about heart of the Crystal Gems makes it seem like Steven Universe is coming to an end. As sad as that is, it’ll totally be worth it if it means we get to see Yellow and Blue dance their way into battle together.

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Maybe everyone will fuse, & then we can just have peace.