This Fan Trailer is a Beautiful Ode to the Haunted Beauty of Watership Down

What a sad, traumatizing movie.
What a sad, traumatizing movie.
Image: Screenshot via YouTube

A story of anthropomorphized rabbits is one of the most beloved and memorable animated films in the history of the medium. This fan trailer, using footage from Watership Down and its followup The Plague Dogs, is a fantastic and emotional ode to the classic.


Using a track called “Time and Tide” by Alan Price as its backing audio, the lovely trailer is deftly edited by MoonlightButterfly, a YouTuber who specializes in compelling film editing work, including cutscene montages that turn all the Dark Souls games into eerie, atmospheric films. Their work here is equally masterful, conjuring a mood and a powerful sense of place and time in their presentation of these films.

Watch the trailer below, and feel some emotions about the films of our shared filmic youth.

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Maya the Vampire Bat Returns

Both of those are good animated movies, but nothing compares to the book Watership Down. Even Adams couldn’t recapture his own magic. None of his other books are as good as Watership Down. They are all good reads, mind you, but WD is just one of those once in a lifetime books. Just typing this comment makes me want to go reread it right now.